Hybrid and EV Services at Green Tree Auto Care Inc.

The technicians and service advisors at Green Tree Auto Care are fully trained and familiar with the requirements needed to keep your hybrid or electric vehicle in top shape.

We can help you identify the right hybrid vehicle maintenance schedule or electric vehicle maintenance schedule to fit your lifestyle.

We can advise you of the most fuel-efficient tire for your electric vehicle, the best fluids, and filter choices available.

Green Tree Auto Care technicians have been trained in systems analysis techniques which results in less unnecessary component replacement and is a more efficient use of resources.

We can often source less costly new or remanufactured replacement parts. Saving you money and in the case of remanufactured parts, is better for the environment.

Green Tree Auto Care, the right choice when it comes to servicing your vehicle.


Hybrid, Plugin Hybrid (PHEV) or Battery Electric Vehicle (EV) Benefits versus Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicle.


Operating cost savings (fuel and maintenance) of 66-75% Refer to the 2 Degrees Institute report from September 2018 for more information 

Better for the environment, less dependence on fossil fuels.

Much more convenient to refuel, charge at home or work, no need to go to the fuel station.

Less frequent visits for service, once or twice a year is adequate.

More reliable due to less moving parts to wear out.

Brake pads could last 200,000 km due to regenerative braking.

Much quieter to drive, music sounds better, phone calls sound clearer.

Driving solo in HOV lanes on the highway.

EVs typically accelerate harder and smoother than their ICE counterparts.

EVs do not have any engine smell.

Find more information at 2 Degrees Institute

Basic Generic Hybrid Maintenance Schedule

Recommended ServiceRecommended Interval
Oil and Filter Service10K – 20K 6 months to a year
Air Filter & A/C filter / HEV Battery filter20K / as needed
Disc Brake Service20K / yearly
CVT Fluid Change / Filter50K / 2 years
4WD Service50K / 2 years
Change Brake / Clutch Fluid100K / 2 years
A/T or Standard Transmission Fluid Change100K / 4 years
Spark Plugs (Iridium last longer)100K / 4 years
Valve Clearance Insp. / adjust100K / 4 years
ICE Coolant100K / 3 years
EGR cleaning / De-carbon ICE150K / 5 years
CVT / Inverter/ DC-DC Converter Coolant150K150K / 5 years
HV Battery Coolant200K / 6 years

Maintenance Schedule from AC/DC Hybrid Training Resources

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