Disc Brake Service

A regular maintenance Disc Brake Service should be carried out once a year. 

The benefit to this service is, longer brake pad life, more reliable and accurate brake action, less chance of needing unplanned or unscheduled repairs. 

The details of this service are:

  • Road test vehicle, taking note of pedal travel and effort required to stop vehicle, brake pulsation (at high speed and low speed), steering change (pulling), antilock function and unusual noises. 
  • Remove and inspect brake pads
  • Sand face of pad to remove surface contamination
  • Clean pad degas slots of debris and contaminate build up
  • Inspect brake rotors for excess rust, cracks, hot spots and other deformities
  • Remove excess rust from brake rotor edges.
  • Clean caliper slides and re-lubricate using silicone grease
  • Clean behind abutment clips and apply anti-corrosion treatment 
  • Verify correct fit of brake pads to caliper supports
  • Reassemble brake assembly with new thread locking compound
  • Reinstall and torque wheels
  • Verify level of brake fluid
  • Road test, bed pads back into brake rotors, verify correct brake operation is restored


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