Standard 5000Km Service (30 Point Inspection)

This is the most important part of the 5000 km service. Our courtesy 30 point inspection will help to inform you of the general condition of your vehicle and alert you of safety and maintenance concerns.

Premium quality oil (5L) We are currently supplying Shell brand motor oil. Synthetic oil is also available at an extra charge. We currently stock Royal Purple and Quaker State synthetic products.

Standard oil filter Our standard oil filter is either a Napa or a Carquest branded oil filter.

Grease steering, suspension and driveline components as necessary.

Air Pressure Check and adjust air pressure in tires. We add about 4 extra PSI in the cold weather to compensate for temperature changes.

Lubricate hinges, latches and locks. This will minimize wear of the door hinges and latches. Also prevents corrosion and seized parts. Lubricant in the door lock (a lot of vehicles only have one lock) even just once in the life of the vehicle, can prevent a very inconvenient lock out or a possible tow call.

Silicone spray door seals This service reduces frozen rubber seals which can prevent the doors from opening. Silicone spray helps to reduce aging of the seals, and allows the seals to slip in and out of the door opening more readily.

Spot touch corrosion inhibitor We spray corrosion inhibitor on electrical terminals, such as the battery cables and starter cable. A little spray on fuel and brake steel tubes in the appropriate places can add a lot of useful life to your vehicle and save you money over the long run.

Lights An inspection of all lights on your vehicle to ensure operability.