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Custom Exhaust Systems by Magnaflow, Flo~Pro, MBRP, Corsa, BBK, Gibson, Dynomax and more...

When we install a performance exhaust system, you can be confident that it fits right and will stay that way when you go down the road.

Here are some examples of different styles of exhaust systems installed at Green Tree.

These are “Cat” back or “DPF” back systems.



We are an Air Dog Fuel Preporator Dealer

Features of the AirDog Fuel Preporator Diesel Fuel Treatment System

  • The high performance lift pump.
  • Remove air, water, particulates and vapour from fuel to maintain optimal fuel flow and fuel delivery.
  • Improve fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions.
  • Improve diesel engine performance and boost horsepower.
  • Improve throttle response.
  • Bench test grade fuel right out of your truck’s fuel tank.
  • Extra fine filtration, no air, no dirt. Just pure fuel.
  • Positive fuel flow to protect high pressure fuel pump and injectors from starvation.
  • Dodge lift pump broken? Again? Fix it for good with an Air Dog system or a Raptor pump.
  • Low pressure, High pressure, 250 horsepower, 1250 horsepower or more. There is an Air Dog to meet your needs.

Double your diesel fuel capacity with an extra large TITAN™ fuel tank. Take control of when and where you refuel. Extra Range for Greater Security and Peace of Mind on the Road.

These large volume tanks are the answer when you would like to get some more kilometres between fill ups. In most applications we can double your fuel volume without using up valuable box space. Cross linked polyethylene construction is stronger than original and corrosion proof. Models available to fit most diesel pickups since 1999.

We have a large selection of tanks in stock, ready to install into your pickup.


Products by Bullet Proof Diesel

BulletProof EGR Cooler for 6.0 Litre Powerstroke

We all know that the Ford Power Stroke EGR Cooler is a weak-link on the 6.0L diesel engine. Countless owners have replaced their EGR coolers 2, 3 or more times in the first 100,000 miles, and they are not looking forward to doing it for the next 100,000! Are you? Instead of replacing the Ford EGR Cooler, upgrade it with the Damn-Near Bullet-Proof cooler from Neal Technologies.

While you are at it, why not fix the root cause of the problem? The Oil Cooler. Ford's Stock Oil Cooler depends on multiple narrow adjacent pathways for oil/coolant heat transfer. While this may look great on paper, in your 6.0 these tiny channels can clog and stop the flow of coolant.

The Cure for the Common 6.0L Cooler System!

The  Bullet Proof Oil Cooler is designed to keep the coolant separate from the oil system by sending the coolant directly to the EGR cooler. The hot, dirty crankcase oil is routed to a large-capacity spin-on oil filter before being cooled by a heavy-duty air-to-oil cooler. This means that while you are no longer dependent on the Ford canister oil filter, you are also free of having your engine oil temperature regulated by your engine coolant temperature.